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6th November 2012


Epic 5 Day 2 Race Report - Oahu

With an Epic first day in the books it was time to start our second day with a home sweet home advantage….And feeling fresh after day 1,  I didn’t want to mess around.    We arrived at Magic Island and met with my paddle board escort Kathryn Taylor.    This is not my first distance swim with her as my lead out so I was comfortable and knew that all I had to do was focus, relax and swim steady.   That is exactly what I did and things went very well.   


I transitioned and headed out on the bike course with my two friends Eric Koolai and Rick Klobuchar Jr; both great riders who were willing to spend their day helping me get through mine.   (Thanks guys!!)   Even though Oahu can be tough to ride around with far much more city riding and general traffic than all of the other islands we still had a blast and rode strong!   Eventually we found our circle island tour winding through down town and heading back to where we would start our marathon.

The Run course is a slightly modified Honolulu Marathon course.   I headed out through Waikiki and up over Diamondhead where I met Karl Mench, Bill Connolly and Kelly Sutcilffe; my crew for the evening who would all take turns driving and running along side me.(Many Thanks!)   With planned frequent stops I had a good pace, but   about halfway through the run my stomach started giving me trouble and I found myself overheating.   I switched to a jog/walk through the back section of Hawaii Kai because there are so many crosswalks and stoplights that it is tough to get into any groove.    Once we finally turned and reached the highway I requested to run by myself and focus on getting home.    I found my groove and once we reached Diamondhead I decided to walk a little and enjoy the full moon.    It all finished up nicely as I ran through a late night Waikiki and back to the finish where I wanted to go home immediately and get rest for day 3.


Photos from Colin Cross of Hawaii Race Photos