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10th November 2012


Epic 5 Day 3 Race Report - Molokai

Molokai is a pretty intense day - Get past it and you are more than halfway done. The swim was to be held on Papohaku Beach also known as 3 Mile Beach - The current is so swift that the swim can be done rather quickly. So quick that last year most of us were still having our bikes assembled when we exited the water. There was a swell that was to bring in unsafe tides and we switched to the pool at the center of town. 2.4 miles in a short course pool. The nice part was getting to keep a bottle at the end of your lane.

I jumped in and did what I had to do and then got out onto the bike. Molokai can be very windy and we got lucky this year. Unfortunately we got heat instead. At first it seems like there is not much there, but it was an awesome ride. Heading down the coast with Maui as your view! And then a climb that certainly has you earn your descent, but then you get out to the other side of the island and it’s you and the open road. No cover from the sun on a long uphill journey, but when you turn at the other end you know that you are in the home stretch and you just have to be patient.

I already had a plan for my run by the time it came around. I was going back to walking a minute for every four minutes that I ran while keeping my heart rate right where it needed to be the whole time.

It got dark real quick because we start later each day. I don’t mind the dark - I prefer to run in it. I feel it changes my perception of distance. All was going well and then we got about 15 miles in when I lost my groove. I was just tired. I grabbed some music and my crew gave me some space and I kept moving. I became frustrated with some of the mile markers because they seemed to be inaccurate and it turned out that I was right, but it spoiled my motivation and I walked in the last 5 miles or so with Amy. I took a little longer that way, but I knew that I was not going to get much sleep anyway. I was okay with walking out my legs and letting them feel better from it.

It was late and there was no welcoming party at the hotel, just headed right to the room and showered before bed and was ready to head off to Maui in the morning.

Pictures from Colin Cross of Hawaii Race Photos